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What is Player Coach Connection?

PCC was developed by former college coaches/athletes who understand the challenges of recruiting. PCC has seen first hand what recruiting is like now for high school and international students. Our platform is a resource for you to help better understand what college coaches really want and how to be successful if you are given an opportunity.

What makes you different?

With our resources, you can better understand the recruitment and admission processes. Additionally, we provide unique profiles that will get the attention of college coaches. Moreover, these profiles are filterable to make things easier for the coaches as well.

What does PCC do?

We make athlete recruitment easier for coaches & players, we have created an open database of potential candidates. College coaches in the US can easily sift through this database to locate players with specific skills. Moreover, our platform extends its reach beyond geographical boundaries and helps all high school athletes find the right opportunity. Furthermore, we regularly post new athlete profile details on Twitter and Instagram to spread awareness of available options.

This recruiting/scouting service has been approved in accordance with NCAA bylaws, policies, and procedures. NCAA Division I football and/or basketball coaches are permitted to subscribe to this recruiting/scouting service.

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